Wednesday, September 29, 2010

EDU330- review common practices in preschool (F)

The most common practice in  a childcare setting is , the teachers use the number chart of 1 to 100, this
create opportunities for children to rote count and explore the patterns in the numbers 1 to 100.
thereafter the teacher uses the physical materials / concrete materials to explore the numbers through one to one corespondent, counting on skills, grouping and classifications. followed by writing the numerals in words . once the children had gained the understanding of the numbers , they will be encouraged to use pictorial representation to present their understanding of others through explanations and reasoning. thereafter the teacher will plan other related activities to challenge the child's understanding of the concepts by creating outdoor exploration  and inviting them to present their answers through their drawing, writing, communication and the usage of various strategies example using modelling clay to create numbers.( ABSTRACT THINKING).This reflects me to think of Jerome Burners Theory of CPA approach in implementing math activities to young children.
Numeracy is a mastery of basic symbols and the process of arithmetic combined with critical mathematical thinking.And according to Booker et el (1997), "Numeracy is concerned with communication, making sense of math in their everyday application, and the ability to explore, hypothese, reason logically and in using  a variety of methods to solve a problem".
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